Sunday, 10 July 2011

Death without a price.

Death would be easier than this, not only have you drove me to the point were i now need to fucking express my feelings on this fucking thing, but you've now driven me to want to hate you, you spent the night tripping balls, and when your come down comes. im not going to be there, when you start your trip again, im still not going to be there. when you actually grow the fuck up a understand that this is exactly what i was doing when i was 18, thats when i'll be there. the night of your 18, you constantly had mood swings, i dont think you should drink nor take pills. and what do you do? just carry on like my opioion didnt matter again. srsly?? you say you care i've read your blogs your mind your heart a thousand times over. and your just turning into the exact person you tell me to keep you from turning into. and now ive just been told you were hooking into my mate when he was fuckt, the next few weeks are going to be pretty, and considering what youve done so far, i wouldnt put it pass you to carry on like this because your fake you pretend and show off around your mates and im sick of it. ever touch my best friend again they'll be hell to pay. i promis :)